The film opens with Tom and Michael celebrating their 8 month anniversary together. They have a nice dinner - and through the ensuing conversation, we discover a new performance artist has come to town at a local theater. And they have tickets.

In the mean while, we see Jonathon, a street hustler, close a bank account and steal a briefcase. He makes a few calls to arrange for drugs connections, and begs a theater owner for a late night slot at The Vortex, a theater in Austin Texas. We find out that this hustler is a performance artist by day.

Ultimately, Michael and Tom, along with their friend Bernard and his boyfriend, end up seeing Jonathon's performance. But we notice from the very beginning that there is something strange about Michael as he watches  this performance. And Bernard is gleaming with mischief as he see's Michael's uneasiness.

The foursome make their way to a local bar, where they run into Jonathon, who is waiting for a friend. Jonathon seems less than impressed with the men, and after some small talk they part.


But this is not the last of Jonathon. Michael and Tom are just going to bed when their phone rings. Jonathon is seeking a place to sleep. Michael mysteriously obliges against Tom's wishes and a fight ensues between the lovers.

Somewhere in Dallas, two men have a third tied to a chair and are beating him. It is the man whose briefcase was stolen by Jonathon. They want the briefcase. And will get the briefcase at all costs.

Jonathon comes to sleep on the Michael and Tom's Couch - and ends up staying for a very long time. How long? Do the Henchmen find their way to Jonathon ? What about Michael - why would he let Jonathon come stay with them, when Tom was so violently against it?  Is there more to the story than meets the eye?

You bet. And before its over with there is blackmail and murder and sex and drugs and violence and betrayal. But who is conning who?