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Day 8


November 9, 2000


Start time: 1 PM

It was still extremely cold today (40 - 50 degrees today). But we shot 10 pages - incredible progress considering that we only had 4 on the schedule.

Quote of the Day:

"Nothing like having your Butt massaged!" - David Christopher quote nothing like having your butt massaged.jpg (82627 bytes)


Various other Interesting things!

Mark explains the  shot

Pics from The  Shoot

Is this milk any good?!

Mark you want what.jpg (68866 bytes)

Set shot 2.jpg (80714 bytes)

Is this milk any good.jpg (72401 bytes)

David finally  gets to rest

Jamie is STILL wearing that hat...but it IS becoming!

Who is this?

David Stokey too happy.jpg (67535 bytes) 

Jamie still in the hat.jpg (79008 bytes)

Who is this.jpg (62603 bytes)

Dirk and Chris watch the scene unfold

Jennifer making  the most of the small area she was given for costuming

Pics from the  Shoot

Dirk and Chris watching the shot.jpg (71551 bytes)

Jeniifer doin the clothing thang.jpg (85042 bytes)

Rehearsing again.jpg (82826 bytes) 

Michelle enjoys the chinese food from Lim Ting

Uh oh - you still  aren't allowed to see this!

David and Tracy  laying down on the job

Chinese food - yum.jpg (63683 bytes)

uh oh - you can't see this.jpg (67772 bytes)

David and Tracy laying down on the job.jpg (73363 bytes)


One of the greatest Directing minds in the world thinking it through Pensive director 2.jpg (74488 bytes)