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Day 7


November 8, 2000

            MO of MI binder.jpg (9934 bytes)        

Start time: 2:00 PM

YIKES!!! Who ordered the cold weather. We woke up to a 39 degree day, when we were having 75-80 degree rainy days. Luckily we are still at the primary house, and sttill  making incredible progress.

Quotes of the Day:

"Once I was a little man" - Aaron Quote - Aaron - I was a little man.jpg (64536 bytes)

"You need to straighten out your swoopie curve thing" - Susan Quote - You need to straighten out your swoopie curve.jpg (18244 bytes)


Various other Interesting things!

Jonathon Wilson, PA from Houston

Pics from The  Shoot

Apple Crates for days

PA JOnathon Wilson from HOuston.jpg (11580 bytes)

about to turn up the volume.jpg (87286 bytes)

Apple crates for days.jpg (71255 bytes)

Even inside we needed coats...

...And hats

A great Monitor  Shot

  Even inside we needed coats.jpg (16179 bytes)

Jamie works in the cold.jpg (13017 bytes)

Michael in Bed.jpg (18249 bytes)

Michael Sleeping on the job

Making Day of  Night

Pics from the  Shoot

Michael in bed for real.jpg (76817 bytes)

  The house lit up on a cold night.jpg (89528 bytes)

  about to turn up the volume.jpg (87286 bytes)

A Cory makes a confrontation

Ian Making Sound

Marlene gives  makeup advise

Cory is angry.jpg (14942 bytes)

Ian at the machine.jpg (74407 bytes)

  Marlene gives makeup advise.jpg (81800 bytes)

Day  Number...

Lasagna for  lunch..YUM!

A warm place to  eat!

Day 7.jpg (15564 bytes)

Lasagna for lunch.jpg (68682 bytes)

Tom and Michael finding a warm place to eat.jpg (78629 bytes)


"Whose shirt is this?" ===> Whose shirt is this.jpg (81261 bytes)