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Day 6


November 6, 2000

Start time: 10:00 AM

Still at the primary house. Still  making incredible progress on shooting.

For the first time since we started, there was NO RAIN TODAY!!!!

Quote of the Day:

"I'm not a girlie girl or anything, but there are limits" - Jamie  Jamie_Courier.jpg (3414 bytes)

Visitors On the Set Today

Trish  Quinlan         (Joey's Wife)

Laurel Jade  Williams        (from Xemex Watch Company)

Trish Quinlan.jpg (13649 bytes)

Watch lady Laurel Jade williams.jpg (20391 bytes)

Also, today was payday.  It actually was pretty harrowing - although the crew had no idea what was going on. Seems the financing company hadn't sent the check as they promised...but with a lot of yelling, and some help from the great people at Clarke Thomas & Winters, the bank fixed their mistake and we got money wired to the company accounts. It was  scary...the funds didn't hit until right at 5PM. But it's all good...everyone got paid at the end of their work week! (this almost guarantees they will be back for more on Wednesday- YEAH!!!!)

Tammy Yonker,                The awesome Legal Aid

Cherly Scott Ryan,            The  Lawyer who checked the signatures

Tammy Yonker - legal people.jpg (13509 bytes)

Cheryl Scott Ryan.jpg (10157 bytes)



Various other Interesting things!

Extras. We're  gonna need MORE extras

Pics from The  Shoot

A Feast Fit for  Kings

  Extras - we need extras.jpg (85188 bytes)

  Scene shot cake.jpg (81350 bytes)

A feast fit for kings.jpg (84179 bytes)

It's gonna be a  tracking shot

Mike in Action

Sturge holdin' the boom

More track shots.jpg (72285 bytes)

SCENE SHOT.jpg (83065 bytes)

Stuge boomin.jpg (65239 bytes)

Michael Makes a  Moment

Aaron waiting  during room tone

Aaron realizing  he's caught on film during room tone

  The evil Michael.jpg (64969 bytes)

  A pensive Aaron 2.jpg (56595 bytes)

  A pensive Aaron.jpg (14190 bytes)

What do  YOU think she's doing?

What does it look  like she did?

Tom Cuts the cake  for Number 8!

You can pick your friends....jpg (9711 bytes)

Did she eat that.jpg (8669 bytes)

Cutting cake.jpg (74758 bytes)


Hard to believe this is FAKE water! ===> Fake Water.jpg (83090 bytes)