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Day 5


November 5, 2000

Start time: 9:30 AM

Once again, we shot at the primary house. Now that we are set up, we are really making incredible progress on shooting. Once again it rained all day, but we finally got the additional tarp set up over the deck, and thankfully we now have a dry place to eat while the rain continues.

BEFORE The Tarp====> Putting up the tarp Start.jpg (93352 bytes)

AFTER the Tarp====>Putting up the tarp DONE.jpg (98218 bytes)

Special note: The MOMENT the large tarp was up, the sun peaked out after 4 days of constant rain. It soon clouded over again, but very ironic!

Quote of the Day:

"I could play with that thing all day" - Meredith Boyd Quote of the day - I could play with that thing forever.jpg (10415 bytes)


Lots of Visitors On the Set Today

Devon Stokey           (VERY cute lady)

Bruce Maness (Videographer)

Melissa Mealer

Daisy Hernandez

Devon Stokey.jpg (77180 bytes)

Bruce Maness.jpg (12326 bytes)

Melissa Mealer.jpg (14147 bytes)

Daisy Hernandez.jpg (11714 bytes)





Rhonda Roundy

Tim Braniff

Jose Medina          (Graphic Artist)

Ming                      (owner of  LIM TING)

Rhonda.jpg (13065 bytes)

Tim Braniff -.jpg (13489 bytes)

Jose Medina.jpg (14129 bytes)

Lim Ting Owner.jpg (12030 bytes)






Ali Mendez               (Food Stylist  Extraordinary)

Lee Domingez            (Food Stylist Assistant)



Food Stylist Ali Mendez.jpg (12566 bytes)

Food Stylist Assistant Lee Domingez.jpg (11567 bytes)


Various other Interesting things!

Sturge listening in at the craft services table

Pics from The  Shoot

Jennifer in  action

Sturge listening in.jpg (82204 bytes)

A picture of the camera.jpg (81905 bytes)

Jennufer in Action.jpg (75179 bytes)

It's gonna be a  tracking shot

Mike's New Toy

Costuming (day Number five!)

Camera on tracks.jpg (58302 bytes)

Mike - what do I do with THIS.jpg (75724 bytes)

Day nuimber 5.jpg (81546 bytes)

Does that red  light mean we are recording?

David getting in the moment...Chris wondering why I I am still taking video...

Chinese food for lunch to day, YUM!

Does that red light mean we are recording.jpg (18734 bytes)

David getting in the moment.jpg (76028 bytes)

chinese food for lunch today - yum.jpg (97671 bytes)

Artificial Light

For Tracy's  Parents

Click the Pic

The camera man with the plan

Creating artificial daylight.jpg (75392 bytes)

Tracy_Fleming.jpg (3951 bytes)

Our amazing camera man.jpg (67980 bytes)

Steam rose off the camera when they shot this!!!.

Blackmail never looked so good===> Steam.jpg (64178 bytes)