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November 4, 2000

Start time:  7:30 AM

Still shooting at the primary house location.  Stilll raining. All  indoor shots today.

We decided to build a full tent tarp structure to cover the back deck of the house (in addition to the tarp-over-trellis affair we built yesterday)...someplace to relax between shoots!  Hopefully tomorrow we will get a break in the weather to put it up!

And we made EXCELLENT shooting progress today - WAY TO GO TEAM!

Quotes of the Day:

"Never count the amount of hours you sleep!" - Cindy Rush  Cindy pic for Quote.jpg (62006 bytes)

"Better get King-sized, I like everything King-sized" - Jennifer Osborn Jennifer - Did someone say Martini shot.jpg (60740 bytes)

Our EXTRAS Today

No Extras today!


Various other Interesting things!

The Director Does the Happy Dance

Pics from The  Shoot

Pics from The  Shoot

Susan doin the dance.jpg (55629 bytes)

Scene shot.jpg (77130 bytes)

Scene shot 2.jpg (78777 bytes)

The M.O. of M.I. Country Twins

Who is this?

Jimmy, The Pepsi Poster boy

The mo of mi twins.jpg (73594 bytes)

Whos is this.jpg (58517 bytes)

The Pepsi Poster boy.jpg (62523 bytes)

Pics from The  Shoot

Who looks at the monitor grids...its all in the eyes

Dressing the Bedroom

Scene shot 3.jpg (69373 bytes)

Jonathon evil look in monitor 4.jpg (52550 bytes)

Dressing the bedroom 2.jpg (82021 bytes)

I'm glad my first scene is in bed, where I'm asleep!

Merle Figures the  Schedule

Lane Handles the Stress

Im glad my first scene is in a bed where I am sleeping.jpg (60921 bytes)

Merle figures the Schedule.jpg (79291 bytes)

Lane handles the stress.jpg (59869 bytes)

A  Sleeping Ian!

Cory - ready for action

Photgraphy at  work

A sleeping Ian.jpg (60190 bytes)

Cory ready to act.jpg (86174 bytes)

Photography at work.jpg (87745 bytes)


Remember this Image, its VERY Important ===> Bottom of the page.jpg (86944 bytes)