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Day 3


November 3, 2000

Start time:  6:00 AM

Today we shot at the primary house location.  We had overcast skies, and got MORE torrential rains in the morning. We did some shuffling, and decided to do the majority of the shots indoors today. At the end of the day we finished up outside with a few street scenes of Jonathon getting dropped off, and Michael backing out a screeching car!

Since Craft Services was on the deck - we spread out tarps over the trellis and secured them with bungie cords - this actually worked pretty well, and we managed to build a dry area for a little escape and snack.

Wet Crew!!!

A wet Aaron.jpg (77053 bytes)

Wet crew 1.jpg (82405 bytes)

A wet Chris.jpg (82864 bytes)

Only major incident today was when the garbage guys came to take the trash - in the first half of the morning, we had gathered two whole hefty bags of garbage, so we rushed them to the curb to add the can - but the garabage men had already emptied the can....so I handed them the bags - but they wouldn't take them. "Sorry - the bags have to be in the can". So I went to put them in the can "Sorry - but we've already emptied that can. If we do that for YOU, we have to do that for everyone."  After a stare down with them, they took the bags and drove away. Thankfully.

For all the bad weather - we really accomplished some amazing shots today!!! Check a few of the scenes out below in the pic area!

Quotes of the Day:

"You have some really big equipment there!" - Tracy Quote - Traci you have some really big equipment there.jpg (83322 bytes)

"I got kicked off of a few elementary school lots" - Reed Oliver Quote Reed I got kicked off of a couple of elementary school lots.jpg (67426 bytes)

Our EXTRAS Today

JC Shakespeare- not used today, but ready!!!!

JC Shakespeare Policeman that didnt shoot today.jpg (11773 bytes)

Various other Interesting things!

Dirk's Friend  Lisa from Dallas

Pics from The  Shoot

Pics from The  Shoot

LIsa from Dallas Does lighting.jpg (10896 bytes)

Crew shot 1.jpg (99589 bytes)

SITE SHOOT.jpg (73633 bytes)

Brett Roper, Electrical Intern for the Shoot

Ian and Merle  Figure it out.

Costuming And  Makeup

Assistant Electric Brett Roper Intern.jpg (10699 bytes)

Ian and Merle Figure it out.jpg (82686 bytes)

Makeup and Costume.jpg (84684 bytes)

Mark Fisher PA From Dallas

Mark doing the MARTINI Dance!

Joey Fixes the Kitchen

Mark fisher from Dallas PA.jpg (11369 bytes)

Mark doin the martini dance.jpg (95034 bytes)

Joey Hard at Work in the kitchen.jpg (88394 bytes)

Getting  Shots on the Street!

The John Rushes  off

A Tense Moment

Site shoot 3.jpg (97275 bytes)

The quick get away.jpg (94432 bytes)

Site Shoot 2.jpg (57764 bytes)

Michael  Trying to get the Car into Reverse

Mike and Meridith  Working in the Living room

Opening a VAT  of powder!!!

Michael making a get away.jpg (86954 bytes)

Mike and Meridith pensive.jpg (73341 bytes)

Opening a VAT of powder.jpg (76743 bytes)


All of the shooting script you will ever get to see! ===> The Shooting script.jpg (70920 bytes)