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Day 2


November 2, 2000

Start time: <yawn, ...again> 5:00 AM

Today we shot at Gilligans. It was quite the adventure - we had overcast skies, and got torrential rains in the late afternoon that actually flooded the alley in which we were planning on shooting. . This wasn't the end of the world though - we were inside for MOST of the shoot...however at the end of the day we had to can our last shot; the one in the alley.

Guess we'll pick that up at the end of the shoot when we are back at Gilligan's again.

The drama of the day turned out to be when the parking attendants of the lot next Gilligan's showed up and requested everyone from the shoot move their vehicals. Seems that although they advertise their parking lot as "PUBLIC" parking - it really isn't a public parking lot. They have monthly renters - who - if there are 30 additional cars in the lot during the day - cannot park where they have been promised. We had to stop shooting and get everyeone to move their cars...except that there really wasn't a convenient place to do this by that time of the morning (7:30 AM) - we had been settting up and shooting since 5AM, and this was very disruptive to the schedule. Everyone moved their cars to $15/day lots and then Cindy, Dirk, Jimmy, and Aaron B. spent the rest of the morning moving those cars to free parking across town. Jimmy let us use his SUV as a shuttle to and from that free space, and everything was fixed.

The film commissioner promised to take car of the problem for us, and insures it won't happen again. Thanks Gary Vaughn!

Quotes of the Day:

"If you all would have paid in advance, I'd have let you stay, but then I'd never  let you use this lot again". - Parking lot attendent  for Lot next to Gilligan's

"It's only velcro. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!" - Tom  "Sturge" Sturgis,    Sturge Quote of the day.jpg (75301 bytes)<= Sturge

Our EXTRAS Today

Cass Hudson

Jerry December

Lana Prince

Tracy Paxton

Cass Hudson.jpg (12938 bytes)

Jerry DEcember - Extra.jpg (11060 bytes)

Lana prince  - Exrta.jpg (10348 bytes)

Tracy Paxton - Extra.jpg (11420 bytes)






Michelle Selinas

Peggy Sue Scott



Michelle Selinas.jpg (13207 bytes)

Peggy Sue Scott - Extra.jpg (13501 bytes)


Various other Interesting things!

Daryl Widdle,  Gilligan's Manager

Pics from The  Shoot

Pics from The  Shoot

Daryl Widdle Manager.jpg (11549 bytes)

Bar shot.jpg (93057 bytes)

Bar shot 2.jpg (82228 bytes)

Pics from The  Shoot

Pics from The  Shoot


Restaurant shot 2.jpg (93013 bytes)

Restaurant shot.jpg (88268 bytes)

Jennifer doing Costuming.jpg (84533 bytes)

Who's Is This?

Pics from The  Shoot

Art Department Disguises A Wall

Do you regonize this.jpg (84491 bytes)

At start of the day.jpg (93757 bytes)

Art department disguising a wall.jpg (80149 bytes)

Tracy  Doin' the Makeup Thang!

Stephen, Ready for his close up

TRaci At work.jpg (83003 bytes)

Stephen ready for his close up.jpg (63034 bytes)


Can you believe she wants us to STICK to the script!??!  ===> Jamie at work.jpg (78820 bytes)