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November 20, 2000


Start time:  10 PM

Whew!!! We made it to the last night of shooting, and actually ended the shoot on budget, and on schedule - all thanks to the hard work of the entire crew. Tonight we finished up at Gilligan's restaurant. 

We shot the last bar scene and some remaining exterior car shots. The crew got their final pay checks AND classy M.O. of M.I tee shirts. Tickets were also handed out for the wrap party (see bottom of page for notes about the wrap party)

It will be strange carrying this project to fruition without this production crew around. They were awesome, and hopefully we will see some of them again in the near future.



Our Awesome Extras For Today

Alex Torres 

Andy Annas

Brad Butler




Cambrey Lindsay

Chip Jones

Cody Hoya




David Sweeney

David White

Eddie Pruitt




Fleet Wallace

Greg Goodwin

Jerry December




Maverick Shaw

Michael Thompson

Mojatt Hasty




Oscar Hinojosa 

Patrick Daniel

Richard Schneider-Dalton




Richard Williams

Scott Luther

Shawn Kitterman




Sean Richmond

Tracy Nelson



Various other Interesting things!

A bustling bar

Aaron doing the Aaron thing

Bernard makes his exit

Bruce Maness covers us again

Charlie enjoyes a drink with Stephen

Chris in action

Daisy is awesome

Arthur Cohen was back to visit, and was great company on an emergency trip to Walmart

Mark sets the lights, just so

Mike gets the camera ready

Reed practicing his Pepsi Placement

Rhonda is back to help again

Stokey between takes

Susan watches on intently

The first domino

The gay bar scene

The name is Bernard

Tracking shot from Hell


Wrap Party Notes

An incredible party was held at PLUSH; a hot new club in downtown Austin. It was an open bar, and we drank ourselves silly from 8 PM  to 1 AM. As this was a closed party - and everyone was off the clock - we didn't capture pictures from it. It's just as well - there doesn't need to be any evidence we drank that much. Special Kudos to Chet Polo and Beth Fearn for their wonderful DJ skills - A great time was had by all!


Watch for more about our movie in the next few months!