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Day 17


November 20, 2000


Start time:  10 PM

Tonight we finished up at The VORTEX. It was a really fun night. Lots of stuff outdoors. Special effects brought a car to life (even though it wasn't really moving, we see it driving on the monitor...movie magic!) Crowds were filmed outside the VORTEX, and our bad guys roughed up...uh...wait...you'll have to see the movie to figure out who they were roughing up...sorry!

Weather wise it was about 40 degrees and VERY cold. Everyone took it in stride. One bad side effect - we ended up frying another monitor...guess those little black and white $50 Panasonic TV's aren't meant for cold, wet exterior shooting. We shot through the night and ended up finishing around 8AM. It's strange shooting the MOVIE of M.O. of M.I. in the theater in which it originally showed 5 years ago, while on the set of another of Aaron's plays, "The Bridge Burner". It's amazing to think of all that has happened to get it from that point in '95 to where it is now.


Quote For The Day

I'm one of the producers and I'm sleeping with the director, I can do whatever I want" - Lane West (Note  the amazing taste in head gear).



Our Awesome Extras For Today

Aaron McCarty

Andre lejeune

Ben Mouten




Brian Schmitz

Cassie McGraw

John Colone




Jonathon Gafney

Kimberly Kerwinski

Lydia Whitlock




Rachel whipf


Various other Interesting things!

Brace and juno check the theater

Mark huddles for the shot

Only one more day of shooting...YEAH

Stan Gilbert the gun guy is back

Poor Man's Car

 (see below for more detail)

Warehouse scene shot

Setup in the Yard

Poor Man's Car in Action