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Day 16


November 19, 2000


Start time:  10 PM

Today we shot at The VORTEX Theatre. Once again, we got 40 degree weather....even inside the theater it was extremely cold. But the shots we got tonight were HOT HOT HOT. We worked throughout the night and finished up about 8AM the morning of the 20th!


Quote of the day

"We  are trashy people!!!" - Reed Oliver

Visitors to the set

Brandon Howe

John Rodriguez



Our Awesome Extras For Today

Akie kotobe

Aria  Schonefelt

Beth Fearn




Chad Yokum

Chet Polo

Courtny Davis




Derrick Bartlett

Jonathon Gaffney

Kimberly Kerwinski




Letetia Garcia

Lisa Spitzer

Michael Garcia




Mojatt hasty



Various other Interesting things!

Charlie and Jonathon have it out!

Day 16 and it is COLD

Our excellent extras coordinator Janice!

Aaron Sets the Dolly for a Street Scene

Daisy and Rhonda came back to be extras for us too

The  Amazing Lane West gets a Distance check from Mike

The  Actors monkey'ing around

Michelle Kept the Extras in  line until Janice arrived


Without the wigs!!!

Juno and Brace are unimpressed

Jossie sleeping on the job

Outside The VORTEX

Lane tries to keep warm

Vortex Manager On Duty: Brad Butler

Charlie watches Jonathon perform

Stephen Gets Ready

Extras at work

Mark checks the theater interior

I don't have the money!!!

The bad guys behind the scene

Jennifer in a mad dash to dress David Christopher

Nels Quote  - "Im not gay, but I can learn,   sir"

Trish came back!!