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Day 15


November 17, 2000


Start time:  10 AM

Today we shot all outdoors....unfortunately it was VERY COLD - it never got above 40 today. We shot downtown exteriors, office building exteriors, and finally finished up in the alley! Good news was we finished up 4 hours early today - and the extra time off was well deserved - The crew, riddled with lack of sleep and onsets of the flu,  needed an early night.

 As the schedule sits, there is 36 hours until the next day of shooting. Thank goodness!

Today did get us back on shcedule (Rain on some of the earlier days had prevented us from shooting some critical exterior shots. But in one day, we managed to get three exterior location shots in the bag). Truly a tribute to an excellent, dedicated production team.



A little forceful Persuasion

Joey proving, once and for all, that he has a biiiiig mouth!

Mark gets the Master shot

Moroccan food again for lunch

Yes, this cement pallet was  craft services for today

Tom Shinn walks the alley

Juno and Brace catch Jonathon  in the act

Sturge left holdin' the boom again!

The monitor sits in the cold, waiting

Rehersal for the alley scene

Where are they taking  him? 

Behind the Scenes