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Day 14


November 16, 2000


Start time:  2 PM

Today we shot the toughest day of the shoot. We don't want to give away anything - but lets just say that blood was shed. And for the last time...we were at the primary house. Things were tense as we pushed and got 8 full pages shot. We shot outside the house, did a side-of-the-road shot and used special effects to their fullest! The intensity was incredible within the crew. We have been in this house for almost 2 weeks straight, and everyone wanted to get these final shots off. The last shot of the day left everyone stunned, as we looked at the VHS monitor tape and realized the impact of the material. A LOT of beer was required after the shoot, just to get everyone back to reality (if there is such a thing).

Quote of the day

"No  Wuckin Furries, Mate!" - Ian our sound guy! 



Various other Interesting things!

Aaron Sets a flag to bounce  light

A really busy hallway

A raccoon visited craft services today

Bloody well done!

We can't tell anyone what  happened today. SHHHH!

Susan  and Mark talk about the technical components

Jamie  calculates the shoot progress

Is that a check in those pants pockets?

Jimmy doin' what he does best!

A street shot

Reed rounds up the troups

Special Effects

The masterminds at work

What does this reallymean?

Mark CAN operate something besides a camera!