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Day 13


November 15, 2000


Start time:  1 PM

Today was another day of shooting at the primary house. It was pretty cold out (50 degrees) - For Texas, this is COLD!!!It was a day of intense drama, as we finished shooting many of the emotionally charged scenes of the movie. Things are escalating as we get further on with the shoot. Anastasia won't be able to help with craft services for the next 3 days...so we are winging it...production assistants and unit production managers are making the bast of it. And the wear and tear of the long shoot hour, coupled with the cold weather is bring on cases of the flu...but we keep moving forward.



Anastasia  from Craft Services

Chris caught in the light

Costuming camping the bedroom

Cory arguing he hasn't gotten  enough Web Exposure...

Cory providing a bit more  exposure for the web

Susan Reflecting on the days'  shoot

Dirk providing advise!

5 Days worth of Craft  Services!!!

Ian  prepares for the sounds of the next shot

Who is this?

Marlene discusses the makeup requirements for the fight

This fountain will be on screen...

Ming from Lim Ting brought Chinese again for dinner...and even served it to us!

Jamie waits for room tone

Mike Sets the lenses for the close up of the stereo