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November 13, 2000


Start time:  9 AM

WOW today was a really incredible day - we had press come visit the set. First the people from the show "STARS OVER TEXAS"  came and interviewed us for a segment they are doing in February. Its going to be a day in the life of an Independent film, and they chose our film to use as the focus. They interviewed Lane, Susan, Mark, David Christopher, & Aaron. They will do person to person interviews with the three leads in their studio in February. Watch for it on the WB!

Also we had Arthur Cohen, from the Texas Triangle on the set. He watched and even DROVE for us. Watch for his Cameo in the movie. He made a great john!!!!

We were at the Primary house location again today. And we shot a lot of the fights and police take downs today. We had a TON of fun. And the weather even played nice. Fairly sunny - cold (mid 50's).


Visitors to the set

Shelia Cosper  from "Stars Over Texas"

Cor, the production guy,  from "Stars Over Texas"

Arthur Cohen - Texas Triangle Reporter


Our Awesome Extras For Today

Nels Butler - PA for a  day 

Policeman 1 - William  Luke

Policeman 2 - Francis  Sanchez


Various other Interesting things!

Cory Up Close

Getting back from  the Bar

Jamie  Stylin' in  the Leopard Skin

Joey Plays McGuiver

What does this mean for Jonathon?

Mark not believing that 7 people could get on the futon couch

David Stokey Taking a moment to unwind.

Susan behind the Scenes

The First  Argument

Police to  the rescue

The bad guys show  up

Behind the Scenes