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Day 11


November 12, 2000


Start time:  10 AM

Today we shot at Sunset Direct!!!  This amazing company let us have carte blanche within their office space. We used conference rooms and board rooms, elevator areas, and offices. It was a LOOOONG day - and the weather really turned ugly on us - 30 degrees outside and VERY ugly. 

We had a slew of extras (See them below) - but unfortunately we didn't get to the one scene in which they were needed. We really appreciate their coming out to support our project, and we decided to go ahead and show their pictures on the web page anyway!

Quotes of the Day:

"It's not hard. Cool!!!"  = Marlene  

 "Now that everyone is in place and set, I am going home and going to bed." - Reed

Visitors to the set

Andrea Speir 

Cheryl Godfry - Runner for Craft Services

Dawn Allen 

Devon Speir 

JD Grove - From Gaby And Moes

Kelly Thiessen - Craft Services Helper

Patty  Carvajal - Gaby And Moes

Rhonda Came back!!!

Debbie Fisher - PA (Yes, Its Mark's Wife)

Daisy is here today  too!


Our Awesome Extras For Today

Jeannie Sullivan 

John Castillo 

Jose Tapia




Judy Kent

Kevin Rice

Stephen Jackman 




Tina Trar 

Tracy Paxton 


Various other Interesting things!


Cindy  AFTER

Chris  Slates the scene

We had the extras write  things on the pads in the board room. They were TOO funny

Michael and Cody make a scene

Jenny Kook - Board Room Babe

Jimmy Takes it off for the camera  (his hat)

Jose the fired office guy

Mark Fisher refusing to divulge a sexual fantasy on camera

Marlene makes  Jennifer more Bitchy

Mike sets the lenses

Behind the Scenes

Ed Neal about to make an entrance

Sean Redeker - Man 2

Who  cast THIS man??

The board room comes alive

Pic  from the shoot

Pic  from the shoot