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Day 10


November 11, 2000


Start time:  7AM

Today we shot at Liberty Bank!!! It was extremely exciting - Alley shootings, bank scenes, stolen briefcases - and all under the wonderful sounds of a Veterans day parade. It was pretty cold and overcast all day long. Guess November has really arrived. Due to it being Saturday, and a holiday parade - we had LOTS of visitors come to the site. We also had a host of  Extras!!! All in all, it was really a good experience - lunch was at Marrakech Bar & Grill - and they really put out an amazing spread for us. 

Quote of the Day:

"I Blow him UP..I BLOW HIM UP!!!" - Our Effects Specialist

And then he did ====>>> !


Visitors to the set

Aaron  Arocha

Alysha Salyers

Ariel  Arocha

Candy  Price

Denise Zavala

Yvette Munoz

James  Mulsh

Jessika  Christopher

Laura  Cloran

Roy  Horlock

Rosie  Monje

Tommy  Brutoen

Trina Wilkins


Our Awesome Extras For Today

Becky  Abrahamson

Debra  Harper- Bank Account Exec

Danielle Sullins - Poor Homeless Child




Emmy Jodoium

Judy hannesschlager

Kalyan Vindhya 




Lacy Perry

Lilly Mclauchlen 

Mohadmed Ahmed 




Rachel Ross 

Shannon Monje

Tyrell Blue




Robin Sullins -Bag Lady Extraordinaire 

Zack Wite 



Various other Interesting things!

A squib - An exploding device  to mock a bullet entry

Pics from The  Shoot

Itsbumper  sticker reads "Save all the cute animals"

Chip gets shot

Crew setting up the alley

Dumping  the case

Preparing  the gun

The  Gun safety presentation

Liberty Bank


Mike Reaves, the incredible Liberty Bank Manager who stayed all day long and  babysat us (his security guards played hooky!)

Lunch  at Marrakech Bar and Grill - We closed the place  down for an hour - Wonderful food!

Officer  Wayne, the Austin Policeman that made sure the other policemen that came  around left us alone!

Pa for the day Enrique Torres

Stan Gilbert - Our Weapons Specialist

Pic  from the shoot

Stacy  Valletti About to lose something very important

Pic  from the shoot

Pic  from the shoot