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Day 1


November 1, 2000

Start time: <yawn> 5:00 AM

Today we shot at the Belair Motel, and Marshall Ford Marina. It was overcast, but warm - we encountered a little rain in the afternoon, but overall it was an awesome first day. Lots of great work, and great people.

Quotes of the Day:

"Do you need a dead body? We had one here last week." - Belair Motel resident.

"Being a PA is a lot like going to a bar. You stand around a look  available..." - Jimmy Schwertner, M.O. of M.I. PA. Site Jimmy's Quote.jpg (68065 bytes)<= Jimmy

Our EXTRAS Today

Mohamid Amid

Jerry Dennis

Peter Handcock

Kiara Dennis

Mohamad Amid.jpg (13839 bytes)

Jerry Dennis.jpg (13645 bytes)

Peter Handcock.jpg (10834 bytes)

Kiara Dennis.jpg (13441 bytes)

The Man in Glasses

Susan's Brother.jpg (14182 bytes)

Various other Interesting things!

Terri the Belair Manager

Pics from The Shoot

Pics from The Shoot

Terri Belair Motel.jpg (11627 bytes)

Site Day 1.jpg (84885 bytes)

Site Day 1 second.jpg (77867 bytes)




Pics from The Shoot

Pics from The Shoot


Site Day 1 third.jpg (84894 bytes)

Site Day 1 fourth.jpg (57388 bytes)

Site Costumes.jpg (80820 bytes)




Craft Services

Pics from The Shoot

Pics from The Shoot

SIte Anastasia.jpg (88830 bytes)

Site PHone booth 2.jpg (84060 bytes)

Susan and Merle.jpg (72083 bytes)


Can you believe the movie opens in THIS room ===>    > Belair Apt interior.jpg (70419 bytes)